Posted in September 2011

This Old House

We bought a house last year in Atwater Village — an old LA neighborhood established in the mid 1920’s that boasts the oldest continuously operating restaurant in the LA area (the Tam O’Shanter) and a massive Costco and BestBuy as well as quaint mom and pop retailers and restaurants on some lovely, walkable (yes! even … Continue reading

A Dog of One’s Own

About those animals…  Let’s get this straight:  I am not an animal hoarder. We, and by we I should say I, but we’ll get to that later… we have two cats and two dogs.  It has been a slow and steady pace of acquisition to get to this point, starting in 2004 when I got … Continue reading


I’ve always scoffed at other girls’ wedding dreams (not out loud of course). I mean, c’mon, the white everything, the flowers, the invitations, the pomp and circumstance, the expense, the bridal showers and bachelorette parties. It’s all positively, well, nauseating. WHO DOES THAT?! And here I am… I’m getting married in November. 11-11-11 to be … Continue reading

getting started

what to write… I finally did it.  I signed on to blog!  I love writing.  I do.  And I do it a lot.  snippets of stories here and there.  ideas that lead to nowhere kinda like the winchester mystery house… but what blood contract am I fulfilling?  Obviously none.  But I digress.  Yeah and that’s … Continue reading