Posted in August 2012

Baby almost on board

I’m going to be expelling another human being from my body in, oh, t-minus 14 weeks and have been trying to figure out what the hell that is going to mean.  I get the mechanics of it all, but when I think about how that’s going to apply to me, I really… well, let’s just … Continue reading

To be or not to be, Jello.

What if I wasn’t Asian? I suppose that this is about as useful as contemplating one’s existence as jello, but I have often wondered just that… what if I was born blonde and blue-eyed. And then I think, ‘Why do I immediately imagine myself as an Aryan girl? Why not an African-American boy, or an … Continue reading

Inspiration in Olympic Proportions

I have to admit…I love the Olympics: the drama, the struggle, the discipline, the competition, the celebration, the pageantry, the anticipation of a 2 week extravaganza where my family agrees on what channel to watch on the big TV, that happens only once every 4 years. But this year seemed different. Whereas in previous years … Continue reading