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Motherhood thus far…

this post brought to you by One-handed Typing while nursing/ Racing to finish during a nap… My son is two weeks old and already he’s changed so much.  He emerged a bizarre swollen creature of seemingly skin and bones and smushed pin-head and is plumping up into the ideal newborn.  In my sleep-deprived state, I’ve … Continue reading

Waiting for Birth Day

Dearest Baby, Mommy is in week 39 of her pregnancy and is waiting for your imminent arrival. (She is becoming increasingly agro by the minute.) She was told by the doctor that you could come at any moment, or not, as you have been illustrating, but she’s passed through a lot of the early stages … Continue reading

To be or not to be, Jello.

What if I wasn’t Asian? I suppose that this is about as useful as contemplating one’s existence as jello, but I have often wondered just that… what if I was born blonde and blue-eyed. And then I think, ‘Why do I immediately imagine myself as an Aryan girl? Why not an African-American boy, or an … Continue reading